A little about me..


My name is Gray Griffin. I have been a designer for decades and a painter for years. I studied art at East Carolina University, where I received my BFA & MFA.  Up until recently I have painted objectively and for the most part painted nudes. I found it calmed my soul  and eased my mind when I was troubled.  The time that I had available to paint became non-existent when I had 2 little boys in 2 years.  The two absolute best things that have ever happened to me.

I think everyone can agree life is not the easiest of journeys. Everyone has their struggles, their highs and their lows.  Meanwhile, a disconnect is snowballing with social media – connecting us, in one sense, yet completely chaotic and confining in another. I like to think my art is a balancing act of combining utter bedlam with calm, thus creating harmony.

My art involves a linear system connecting everything. Inside the system is another – usually very recognizable by the various barcodes, tracking devices, and privacy mail patterns from envelopes etc. These elements are things our “life system,” depends on, yet people are losing control all around us. I want to grasp this furor and turn that beast into love.

Finding that stability and harmony within the entropic nature of my paintings can sometimes be maddening, and, considering that I am typically working on several paintings at once,  brutally exhausting. No matter the precisely delicate yet frenzied work, I am simply compelled from within, and that keeps me going.

Are there days that I wonder “What the hell am I doing?” Absolutely! But those are few and far between now that I have learned to trust the flow. I feel a deep spiritual guidance and connection to a Higher Power. Many times I feel as if my hand is literally being pulled around the surface. The perfect color is always right there, a reach away.

I attribute all of my recent artistic achievements to my beautiful children. Trying to balance my art with my little guys is challenging yet they are the reason I have connected spirituality. Seeing and feeling the miracle of the incarnation of these awe-inspiring old souls was the catalyst for a creative reawakening, with a style entirely distinct than before. Until that time, I was bound by the superficiality of youth, lifestyle, and an acute ungroundedness, which, in retrospect, inspires me as well.

Hope you enjoy.

Feel free to contact me for purchase information via email  greytheartist@gmail.com